O RLY, Taitz?

President Barack Obama’s alleged ineligibility for office is, once again, being challenged.

WorldNetDaily, a conspiracist conservative news site (news, of course, being used quite liberally here), gives us an article reporting this challenge.

Here is the article.

Note that this comes from a site which has previously challenged the President’s constitutional eligibility; Last year, they listed this story as one of the 10 most underreported of 2009. WND has found a hero in a Mrs. Orly Taitz, the mastermind behind this suit. A nice list of bullet points is given pertaining to this “issue”. Let’s look at these.

  • More than a year ago, polls revealed that a bare half of the people in the United States even knew there was an issue over Obama’s eligibility but recent polls have indicated up to 58 percent of Americans now have doubts over that issue.

An eight percent jump? Seriously? Eight percent is minimal, and that jump wouldn’t even have occurred if not for deliberate misinformation, but that’s another story.

  • Fining attorneys, even jailing defendants, as happened in this week’s high-profile case against Lt. Col. Terry Lakin at Ft. Meade, Md., hasn’t caused the issue to disappear.

This is because, of course, punishment deters behavior in all cases. I won’t get into a punishment theory argument; that’s been debated enough.

  • A billboard campaign that simply asks “Where’s the Birth Certificate” has appeared in many dozens of locations, and one billboard company that a year ago concluded it was more or less a settled issue now has asked to be allowed to participate in the campaign.

Yes, billboards represent the thoughts of the entire American population, and everyone agrees on everything.

  • Various officials have “verified” Obama’s eligibility but have declined to document their statements.

First, the word “various”. A site like this does its best to siphon credibility off of opposing viewpoints; therefore, when numbering experts that support the opposing side, the smallest number possible will be given. “Only three” looks a lot better than “various”, so we’re fairly safe in assuming that there are a substantial number of officials here. Even if this is an ungrounded assumption, it’s not the only one; declining to document a statement does not imply the falsehood of the statement.

  • Extensive examinations of the available record suggest Obama likely is, in fact, ineligible.

WND here cites themselves, a shoddy attempt at verification. The cited article is nothing special; just an analysis of a single book, which somehow proves their point.

  • There remains a multitude of lawsuits still making their way toward Supreme Court review

Volume of lawsuits does not imply guilt. Need we look again at the pre-civil rights movement era, where African Americans were being charged left and right for crimes they did not commit, or other similar situations?

  • In Congress, a pending proposal would require all candidates for the office of president to document their eligibility under the Constitution’s requirement that they be a “natural born citizen.”

This isn’t even worthy of consideration.

  • Similar plans are moving even more quickly at the state legislature level.

Not important.

  • And there even are predictions that Congress will take up the dispute.

This has already been said; no need for redundancy.

The rest of the article is useless, biased nonsense. Aside from the fact that the Obama administration has, in fact, provided a birth certificate, Snopes.com debunks the claim of illegitimacy, and then About.com goes ahead and debunks Snopes.com debunkers, for the further skeptics. I’ll not get into their arguments here; you can read them on their respective sites. The point is that sites like WND are deliberately spreading misinformation on non-issues for their own political agendas. This is a non-issue, of course, because even if the President of the United States isn’t constitutionally eligible (which he is.), he hasn’t done anything whatsoever that would indicate a need for his removal; furthermore, due to deadlock in the House and Senate, he’s barely done anything progressive at all.

As to the rest of the stories mentioned in WorldNetDaily’s top 10 underreported stories? That’s another post, for another time. #



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