Where do you get your news?

Faux- sorry, Fox News, tops out the cable news rating by a factor of nearly 3.

A large audience isn’t terrible; people can watch what they wish, but when a news agency deliberately misinforms viewers, and then has the audacity to call itself fair and balanced –  that’s going too far.

I could cite studies, lawsuits, news agencies, polls, etc., etc., etc., but the list would be far too long for this margin.

Instead, I’ll leave you with one in addition to those above, in which Fox News is denounced by the L.A. Times.

As the article states, perhaps the corporate media is beginning to realize that the network with the highest ratings is blatantly lying to its constituents.

To extrapolate a bit, this is one of the main reasons why Democrats fared so poorly at the midterm elections; fear-mongering by conservative media powerhouses falsely informed the millions of moderates, and incited them to vote against their wishes.

No news agency is entirely free from blame, but Fox has far overstepped the line between bias and falsehood. #



One response to “Where do you get your news?

  1. I like how the word “faux” is used in the URL. Very clever. Also, it’s a well-written article. The links are very interesting.

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