On Hysteria

A protester holding a "No Socialized Medicine" sign.

Let’s get the opinions of a few conservatives: How would you describe the recently passed universal health care bill?

“… a socialist scheme.”

“The bridge to socialism.”

“Mandated Health-Care Socialism.”

As I mentioned in an earlier post, most people who throw around words like ‘socialism’ and ‘communism’ do so without knowing exactly what they mean. Let’s first look at an actual socialistic health care system, that of Soviet Russia. All health care workers were government employees under this system, and the most minute health care procedures were written by the central government. Much more capitalistic and much less federally regulated is the United Kingdom’s single payer system, with health care costs paid with public funds, but a mix of public and private insurance companies. Less regulated still is Canada’s health care system, with a ‘public option’ for federal funds. Universal health care passed in the United States doesn’t even go as far as Canada’s legislation does. Before conservatives cry “socialism”, they should take a moment to learn what it actually means. #



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