Arizona’s Mass Murder

You’ve probably heard of the shooting that occurred in Arizona – if not, here’s the CNN article.

One thing before I write what I’m getting at – as humans, we look for patterns, we want to see correlation. Since a congresswoman was severely injured, and a federal judge was killed, we of course look at politics to find the cause.

However, since most of us aren’t there now, we need to read news, and I’ve found an interesting disparity in reported causes.

The LA times reports political vitriol as the cause – a valid, non-partisan claim.

AlterNet, a progressive news site, specifically points out the over-inflammatory rhetoric of the right, something I’m sure we’ve all seen. They back it up with plenty of evidence, and also make a valid, but partisan, argument.

WorldNetDaily, everyone’s favorite conservative conspiratorial bias machine, wrote a short article on how one of the gunman’s former classmates called him “more left”, and from this (and only this) evidence, decide that the shooting was due to leftist thinking.


Interesting how news can report so many different viewpoints. Can we yet believe in our mass media, or has everything been corrupted past the point of saving? Look at the articles, look at the evidence; you decide what makes the most sense. #

– adh


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