Ten years after the September 11, 2001 attacks, there are still many people who express profound disbelief in the official and commonly accepted version of that day’s events, yet as Alternet pointed out humorously, they seem to have no coherent theory of their own.

President Barack Obama is incorrectly believed to adhere to the Islamic faith by 18% of Americans. His U.S. citizenship by birth is also doubted, even after he publicly produced his ‘long-form’ birth certificate.

Despite the claims of President Bush and his administration, no weapons of mass destruction were ever found after the invasion of Iraq.

If, as is currently in vogue, I had a propensity for decrying the errors of the modern world, I would say something like “even FACTS are now weapons of politics! Nothing is certain anymore, in this era where every corrupt politician and group makes up stories to suit their own purposes!”

But this is the way it has always been.

In most of history, it is called propaganda. Seen in China, North Korea, and during both world wars and the Cold War, it was even used by Ancient Rome, which decried the Carthaginians as literal baby killers and the Jews as self-mutilators. These are evident falsehoods in the exact same mold as those seen in America today — the difference between now and then is that no entity has a monopoly on the facts. #



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